S2E1 - Season 2 Premiere

We are back for the debut of season twol! We are so excited to have ALL of the panelists on this episode.

Curtis opens up the show with a special message and our main topic this broadcast is a discussion on the ins-and-outs of the creative process (part 1).

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John Salvatore (@TheJohnEffect)
Jackie (@im_just_jackie)
Andrew Westmoreland (@drewwest_press)
Rhayne Coleman aka Carefree Black Nerd (@carefreeblerd)
Curtis aka Trillificent (@trillificent)

S1E6 - Standing Ovation (feat. Danny of The Danny & Cleo Show)

This is OFFICIALLY the most LIT episode of The Pod Panel we have ever recorded. Danny joined Jackie and John and the product was INSANE. It was quite the pleasure to have such an amazing talent on the show.

There was NO FORMAT, just three bright personalities.

Enjoy!! Join in on the conversation. Leave those comments, likes, and reposts.

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S1E5 - The Strange Thing About Summer Hygiene (feat. Carefree Black Nerd)

This week we had to talk about these musty summer folks who act like they can't bathe properly before going out in public. We go around the panel, sharing our summer hygiene tips.

In the second half we critique the short film, "Strange Thing About The Johnsons," and hilarity ensues.

Joined by special guest Carefree Black Nerd!

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