Loser's Night, Pt. 2

The two locked eyes once Pierre turned to face Jaye again. Pierre could tell that Jaye was formulating his sexual game plan and was content, for the moment, to stand there and be admired.

Without warning, Jaye sprang into action. He closed the distance between the two of them with a couple of steps and was enveloping Pierre in his arms so smoothly that Pierre couldn’t do anything but allow himself to be taken.

Jaye seemed to hesitate for a split second before letting his lips gently touch Pierre’s. And he got the nerve to have soft lips and can kiss. Pierre wrapped his arms around Jaye’s neck, pulling him closer. They both moaned softly as more and more of their skin began to touch. Pierre reveled in the feeling of Jaye’s strong hands on his backside. It’s been TOO long.

Pierre could feel his inner tiger roaring to get out. The more passion he felt from Jaye, the more his inhibitions decreased. With every swipe of his tongue, every squeeze of flesh, Pierre could feel Jaye letting go of his hang-ups as well. They continued to explore one another’s mouths as their moans became more frequent and desperate.

Impatience finally becoming too much to bear, Pierre broke the lip lock and gently pushed Jaye back with a hand to his well-defined chest. He had a look of slight bewilderment on his face until Pierre lowered himself to his knees. Jaye caught up quickly. “Show your man how you feel about him,” he said in a husky voice. The desire in his words and tone seeped into Pierre’s ears, spurring him on.

Jaye was every bit as well-endowed as his pictures on Jack’d proclaimed. Pierre wanted to spend as much time as he could studying the swollen flesh. He wanted to memorize it with his tongue. He wanted to become intimate with every vein and fold of flesh. But in the interest of instant gratification, he took the head into his mouth, letting it settle on his tongue. The taste danced on his tongue before filling the rest of the warm space. A hungry mph! from Jaye was all the encouragement he needed.

Feeling playful, he took the rest of Jaye into his mouth at an excruciatingly slow pace. The further along he got, the more the girth began to tug at the corners of his mouth. Pierre smirked internally at the challenge. He was determined. He looked up and met Jaye’s sex-polluted eyes. The had a wordless discussion as Jaye gently positioned himself further and further into Pierre’s willing orifice. Unexpectedly, Pierre changed his tactic, applying suction and saliva in a devastating rhythm. Jaye put his hand on top of Pierre’s head and stole the motion and rhythm. Pierre let it happen, opting to concentrate on keeping his throat as relaxed as possible.

The sloppy, wet sounds filled the air. Pierre felt like he was on fire, and he was sure Jaye felt the same. He freed himself from Pierre’s clutches and pulled him to his feet. “Let your man taste you,” he said. Pierre didn’t need to be told twice. He eagerly positioned himself on his bed on all fours. Jaye was on him within seconds, nibbling, licking, sucking, devouring. Pierre was breathless from the onslaught. AND HE’S GOOD WITH HIS TONGUE.

He enjoyed the tongue lashing for a while before his impatience made a cameo appearance. Without pretense, he threw his head back dramatically and said, “Make this ass yours!” How very pornstar of you, he thought to himself. But he couldn’t help himself. He felt like a pornstar. He felt like every cell in his body had abandoned its normal function and joined in on the act. Every nerve was tuned into Jaye, craving his every touch.

Jaye chuckled. “Just like that, baby? You just can’t wait for this hammer, huh?”

“No,” Pierre replied, still breathless. “I want it now.”

Jaye chuckled again. “The things I do for my babe.”

After this, very little was said. The silence of the room was assaulted by the sounds of a condom wrapper being opened. Knowingly, Brian had left lube out on the nightstand. Jaye used the pump and spread the lubricant all over Pierre’s ass. Slowly, almost lovingly, he invaded Pierre with his fingers. Pierre’s breath got caught in his chest with every backward stroke of the fingers. Jaye didn’t miss a beat, sliding his length into Pierre at the precise second he removed his fingers.

Pierre threw his head down onto his bed as the head of Pierre’s monstrosity pressed at his entrance. Slowly it passed through the muscle ring. Pierre couldn’t help arching his back, desperate to find some type of movement that would alleviate the pain he was experiencing coupled with growing pleasure. He found himself squirming once Jaye was halfway in. He ‘bout to fuck the shit out of me, he thought. Good.

Jaye opted for a slow stroke as Pierre opened for him. He wanted to be more sensual than he was used to being. It had heightened the experience thus far and he enjoyed Pierre’s reactions to it. He caressed his back and ears as he increased his pace. While the sensuality wasn’t lost on Pierre, he was drowning in pure adrenaline garnished lust. It had been so long since he’d had someone of Jaye’s size that he’d forgotten about the agonizing joy of the tap dance between pleasure and pain as he was penetrated.

The softness of the strokes was soon replaced by shattering force. Playtime was over. Jaye pressed his hand into the small of Pierre’s back, causing him to spread his legs, effectively lowering him. This new angle started both men on a path of no return. Jaye grunted, sweat forming all over his body. He dug his fingers into the crease caused by Pierre’s bent legs, using the leverage to crash even harder into the man. The sound of their skin colliding was indecent. Pierre’s internal conversations had ceased and had been replaced by a steady succession of grunts and expletives. He wasn’t sure what the sensation burning inside of him was or where it had come from, but he enjoyed it. He craved it. To what end? He wasn’t sure, although he hoped it would be a sticky one.

Jaye, feeling his own climax nearly ready to make an appearance, pushed Pierre down onto his stomach. He mounted him quickly, lying flat on him chest-to-back. He wrapped his arms around Pierre’s shoulders and jackhammered into him relentlessly. Pierre spasmed. The combination of Jaye’s weight on him and his prostate being stimulated ceaselessly was too much. He let the explosion that had building within him go just as he felt Jaye bite down on his neck, effectively punctuating his orgasm. He moaned Jaye’s name as Jaye gave a guttural grunt, followed by a long moan as he spilled inside of the condom.

Slowly, their highs subsided. Jaye pulled out of Pierre before rolling over onto his back next to him. Pierre stayed still except to turn his head so they could look at each other. A grin tugged slightly at both of their lips.

“So, if I was your man, what would happen now?” Jaye asked.

“Exactly what’s happening right now,” Pierre replied.

Jaye snickered. “And what would happen later?”

“If you were my man,” Pierre began with a sigh, “then it’d be an encore performance. But since you’re not-” his voice trailed off as he shrugged faintly.

“But, what was that you said? While we’re together, I act like you’re the only one? So, then, technically, that would make me your man for the night, wouldn’t it?”

Pierre giggled lazily. “Clever. But if you were really my man for the night, you’d be kissing me right now.”

Jaye smiled widely and complied within seconds.


INCOMING TEXT FROM BRIAN: bitch how was it???




© 2017 T.J. Clayton