Loser's Night, Pt. 1

“This is stupid,” Pierre said irritably.

“You’re just mad that you lost,” Brian retorted. He grinned as he scrolled through Jack’d on his friend’s phone. “But don’t worry, buddy. I’m gonna hook you up.”

Pierre rolled his eyes. “With a troll, probably.”

“I’m your best friend, I wouldn’t do that. Even though you lost another bet. Besides, you need this.”

The bet, Pierre thought. It was foolish. He knew it. But he was agreeing to it before he realized what he was saying. His competitive nature refused to let him back down from a challenge. So, when his best friend, Brian, suggested that they bet on what would happen next on ‘Scandal,’ Pierre was quickly in agreeance. It wasn’t until after he had already lost that he realized he realistically had no chance of winning. I knew I should have said Papa Pope.’

The terms of the bet were simple. If Brian lost, then he had to do all of Pierre’s laundry for a month. If Pierre lost, then he had to let Brian find him a hook-up on Jack’d. Brian knew perfectly well that it had been many months since Pierre had had any type of sexual activity and was determined to find a way to rectify that.

Pierre sucked his teeth as he watched Brian tap lightly on his phone’s screen. “What are you even doing?”

“Just typing a little something to go with the lovely pics of you I just uploaded. Sweet and to the point. One night only, big dicks attached to fine men to the front of the line.”

“Eww,” Pierre replied. “I would never say anything like that.”

“I know you wouldn’t. That’s why I did. Now, go get yourself all ready. Let me handle this. I think I just found your dick deliverer for the evening.” Brian wore a knowing smile as he said this.

This is so stupid. I can’t believe I agreed to this. As Pierre got into the shower, another voice in his mind spoke up. It’s been too long. We want some dick. We NEED some dick. Pierre contemplated on this thought as he continued his routine.

45 minutes later, Brian was giving him the details of his scheduled rendezvous. “He’s six feet tall, two-hundred and fifteen pounds, muscular, chocolate, tats, handsome, with girth. Just how you like ‘em.”

“You say that like I have a type of something,” Pierre said darkly. He absently scrolled through the messages Brian and the man had exchanged, annoyed by the fact that there weren’t many. The pictures, he had to admit, were definitely pleasing.

“YOU DO,” Brian responded. “Everybody knows that. Save the games for next Saturday’s game night. Besides, he’ll be here in 10 minutes. So, I need to skidaddle. I want all the details tomorrow at brunch. And try not to be late this time.” With a wave, he was out of the door before Pierre could think of a comeback.

10 minutes later, there was a knock at his door. He opened it to find the man from Jack’d standing there in a tank top and basketball shorts. Pierre couldn’t help admitting that the man looked good, perhaps even better than his pictures online. He licked his lips. “Jaye, right?”

The man leered lustfully. “Yea, Pierre,” he said knowingly.

Pierre nodded before gesturing for the man to come in. They wasted no time in heading to the bedroom. Pierre was slightly unnerved by how quickly all of his inhibitions had vanished. He fine, he thought to himself. As hell, another inner voice agreed.

“I didn’t think you would look like your pic, to be honest,” Jaye said thoughtfully before pulling his shirt over his head, revealing a spectacular physique.

“You thought I was catfish?” Pierre asked playfully.

“Yea. I get a lot of dudes tryna play me,” he replied.

“I bet,” Pierre said as he surveyed Jaye’s body. “Listen, I only have one rule if we’re gonna do this.”

“What’s that?” Jaye asked before pulling off his basketball shorts. Pierre saw that he wasn’t wearing underwear.

“I don’t want to hear about what you don’t do. While we’re together, you act like I’m the only one. Make me feel like I’m the only one. And I’ll do the same. And before you say it, you don’t have to tell me you don’t get fucked. That’s not what I’m referring to.”

Jaye merely stared bemusedly. “Lose the clothes.” Pierre complied. “Damn,” Jaye said in a barely audible whisper. He made a few more appreciative sounds as Pierre turned on the spot to give Jaye a 360-degree view of his naked body.




© 2017 T.J. Clayton