In and Out

He knocked on the door lightly, not wanting to be overheard by neighbors. He heard the locks tumble before the door slowly opened. His nervousness made itself known in the form of sweaty palms. He wiped them on his jeans as he walked in the dark space. No words were exchanged. He followed his host through a door into a room lit only by the flickering flame of a candle. Seeing an opportunity, he stole a quick glance at the other man. The man’s agreeable facial features seemed to be accentuated by the swaying rays. He found a slight smirk tugging gently at the corner of his mouth as the man closed the door behind him.

The two faced each other. The appreciation was swift, as was what occurred next. Before he could plan his next action, the man was on his knees in front of him, eagerness making him fumble. They locked eyes as the belt buckle was quickly loosened. Next went the button and zipper. The man let out a huff of amusement as the fact that he wasn’t wearing anything beneath the jeans. He pulled the length of the engorged flesh free, giving it several gently squeezes. The man seemed to be surveying its weight and girth.

Impatience beginning to get the best of him, he used his hands to guide the man to the prize. The man, feeling just as zealous, the man allowed himself to be directed. He inhaled sharply as he felt the warm wetness envelope him. He could feel the man’s tongue conducting an exquisite ballet on the underside of his shaft. Deliberately, the man allowed his mouth to be penetrated. He hummed with anticipation and glee as his eyes glistened with satisfaction. The man had wanted this pleasure for quite some time and was fully prepared to indulge himself. He savored the taste as he was gently stretched.

With a long exhale, he continued to direct himself into the man’s eager orifice. As the suction increased, so did his pleasure and tenderness. He squared his feet to shoulder width. He pushed the man down further and was met with no resistance. Then he pulled back. He admired his spit-slicked piece before plunging it back into the willing cavity. The man used one of his hands to stead his hips while using the other to grip the base of his current treasure; he was ready properly flex his skills. The man removed him with a soft pop sound and a smile. The two eyed each other before the man unexpectedly swallowed his whole stick. His knees buckled slightly and he released a loud moan. This served as fuel for the man. He increased his suction and rhythm, taking short strokes before he would let him penetrate his throat. The two repeated this pattern over and over.

His aggressive nature bubbling to the surface, he maneuvered himself and the man until the man’s back rested against his bad. He titled the man’s head upward slightly before removing his foot from one leg of his jeans. He placed his free foot on the edge of the bed and guided himself back into the man’s mouth. Bending slightly, he began to feed himself to the man slowly. Every few strokes, he would pick up the pace. The man merely put his hands on his butt to both steady himself and encourage him to push deeper.

With long, forceful passes, he began to work up a sweat with his motions. The man would adjust and readjust the level of suction with every sweep, moaning constantly. The hum of the man’s vocals sent another sensation through him. He could see beads of sweat forming on the man’s forehead. His eyes were closed. The man used his hands to push him further. He steadied himself before settling into hard, lengthy strokes. He was nearing his climax and wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, so to speak. The man allowed himself to be used, relishing the feeling. He was, however, ready for a different taste. He could feel the subtle jumps in his mouth, alerting him that he would see be rewarded for his work.

One. Two. Three. With the last stroke, he settled deep into the man’s mouth, emptying himself without care. He swore loudly as the sensation of his orgasm and force of the man’s mouth overwhelmed him. He could feel the strong muscles in the man’s face continue to work him and his continued to spill his seed. The man continued with his movements, even after the sensitivity set in and he bucked from the feeling. Slowly, he removed himself from the man’s mouth, allowing him to milk him for the last few drops. He took a few steps back and surveyed the man. He had a broad smile on his face and exuded an air of accomplishment and satisfaction.

He chuckled to himself before stuffing himself back into his jeans. The man was up and on his feet before he got his belt buckled. The gave one another a knowing look before they exited the room, their path illuminated by the warm wisps of light from the candles. They reached the front door, giving each other a small smile. He stepped out into the breezeway without looking back, content etched onto his face.


© 2016 T.J. Clayton