Zeke slammed his hand on the steering wheel forcefully as the red and blue lights continued to flash in his rearview mirror. All he wanted to do was get to his friends’ house for Sunday funday, and now he had to contend with the possibility of getting a ticket, or worse. At that thought, his anger quickly evaporate and was replaced by a potent fear. Here he was on a quiet and practically deserted side-street. Anything could happen. He couldn’t help but concentrate on how much he did NOT want to become another hashtag.

“Just be cool,” Zeke said to himself. His voice sounded an octave higher than normal and his palms were starting to become slick with sweat. The officer was taking quite a while to get out of his vehicle, which made Zeke even more nervous.

Finally, the officer emerged. Zeke did a triple take, before turning his head completely to get a good look. The officer was tall and broad shouldered, with a deep complexion. He was bald, with a thick mustache. Surely, this must be some sort of dream? There’s no way Zeke had the good fortune to be pulled over by Officer McFine. Zeke’s mind started to wonder, but he was quickly pulled back into the present by a smart rapping sound on his window. He smiled sheepishly before rolling the window down.

The officer took a moment to survey him before he spoke. “License. Registration.” He said huskily. Zeke melted. With trembling hands, he hastened to oblige. He handed the officer the requested documentatioin and returned his hands to the steering wheel at the ’10 & 2’ position. He turned his head to the left and was met with crotch. He swallowed hard, then looked up. To his surprise, he was met with a smirk.

“Zeke, huh?” The officer queried. Zeke nodded. “You have any idea how fast you were going?” Zeke shook his head, afraid now of breaking eye contact. “Too fast,” the officer answered. “What’s the emergency?”

“Huh?” Zeke replied, confusion etched across his face. “Must be some sort of emergency for you to be driving like a bat out of hell on my streets,” the officer answered. Zeke didn’t trust himself to say too much, so he shook his head before replying, “No emergency. Just trying to get to point B.”

The officer narrowed his eyes in a somewhat menacingly. Zeke could himself starting to get hot. What was this man before him thinking? Before he could wonder any further, he was supplied with an answer.

“This’ll be a pretty pricey ticket, Zeke. You were going way over the speed limit.” The officer stared at him, seemingly boring a hole right through him. But he didn’t offer anything more, leaving Zeke to feel as though he was giving him an opportunity to plead his case. Problem being that Zeke couldn’t think of anything that he could possibly say that would get him out of a ticket.

“Sorry, officer,” he said feebly. “I’ll make sure I slow down.”

The smirk had returned to the officer’s face. “I’m sure you will. Step out of the car.” Zeke panicked. His heart was thundering in his chest. Why did he need to get out? Before he knew what was happening, the officer had opened his door and was beckoning for him to get out again. Slowly, Zeke unfastened his seat belt and stood. The officer had backed away a few steps to allow him room. Zeke was able to really appreciate the man now. He was at least 5 inches taller, with a weight advantage of about 40 muscular pounds. “You know,” he spoke, “most people at least try to get out of a ticket in situations like these.”

“Oh. I…uh-“

“Tell you what, I’ll throw you a bone. We can work this out without a ticket, I think, if you’re willing to take some direction.”

Zeke looked the officer, Officer Stone, he gleaned after glancing at his nametag. What sort of game was he playing now? It felt like the start of a bad porno. “What do you mean, direction?”

Officer Stone broke out into a toothy smile. With polished grace and speed, he grabbed Zeke’s hand and put it on his crotch. “Direction,” he repeated.

It WAS the start of a bad porno, Zeke thought. But it was a porno he would have no problem starring in. Even as he began to contemplate where the events were taking him, the meaty flesh in Officer Stone’s pants began to inflate. He gave it a gentle squeeze, encouraging its growth. “I’m good at taking direction,” he said, immediately feeling foolish afterward. Cheesy dialogue was just what he needed to add to this already strange occurrence.

Officer Stone put a hand on Zeke’s shoulder and forced him down. “Show me,” he said lustfully.

Is this really happening? There’s no way this is really happening. As Zeke sunk to his knees and began fumbling with Officer Stone’s zipper, he kept asking himself if what was happening was really happening. With minor difficulty, he freed the officer from the confines of his boxer briefs. Zeke took in the sight before him. I feel like Goldilocks, he thought. Not too big. Not too little. Just right. Officer Stone brought him out of his trance-like appreciation with a slight thrust of his hips. It was such a seemingly cliché situation, but Zeke decided to go with the flow and enjoy it.

He took Officer Stone into his mouth slowly, welcoming the mildly salty taste. He could smell the musk, peppered lightly with the scent of soap. A clean man, he thought. He only took a few seconds to allow himself to revel in the exploratory phase before he steeled himself to perform. Officer Stone sunk further into his mouth. He looked up and their eyes met. Officer Stone still had a smirk on his face. Zeke was determined to wipe it off. He went deeper, stretching his mouth wider. Zeke opened his bag of tricks, alternating between gobbling, licking, and sucking. He then spit on his hand before introducing it to the mix. It was then that he elicited a bigger reaction from the officer. He moaned and his knees buckled slightly as Zeke slowly pumped his hand over the engorged head. Direction indeed, he thought. He returned his oral combination assault, keeping the hand motion in play constantly. It wasn’t long before the officer started giving signs that he was close to climaxing. He puts his hands on Zeke’s head, fidgeted, and rocked on the balls of his feet, seemingly trying to fight back his orgasm. Zeke would have none of that. With vigor he sucked and pumped, enjoying the jumping he felt in his mouth. He knew it would be any second before he was rewarded for his work. Sure enough, Officer Stone gripped Zeke’s shoulder as he grunted through his orgasm. Zeke’s reward was indeed plentiful. He swallowed it before looking up and meeting the officer’s eyes again. “Told you, I know how to take direction.” Now it was his turn to smirk.

“Yes, you do,” Officer Stone replied as he began to tuck himself back into his pants. Zeke wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before standing up. Officer Stone reached into his breast pocket and produced a card. “Give me a call when you want to take some more direction,” he said. He turned and walked back toward his car. He paused, before turning back toward Zeke and said, “And slow down.”

“Yes, sir,” Zeke said with a grin. He hopped back into his car with thoughts of what the next encounter with Officer Stone would be like.


© 2017 T.J. Clayton