Sword Play

Quinton absently slid his fingers along the handle of the katana. “This is a cool sword,” he said.

“Thanks,” Eli replied as he continued adjusting the settings of his camera.

“Just curious, what made you think of this kind of shoot?”

Eli continued with his task, hoping his model didn’t see him blushing. “Uh, just something I came across online,” he said sheepishly. “Thanks for agreeing to do this, by the way. I know it’s not your usual kind of gig.”

Quinton smiled. “No problem. I actually like that it’s not one of my normal kind of shoots. I get to do something different for once, instead of always modeling underwear in somebody’s pool.”

They both chuckled.

“Well, you will have to take your shirt off for this. But, no underwear or water, promise.”

Quinton laughed. “Sounds good.”

“Well, let’s get started,” Eli said brightly.

Quinton removed his shirt as Eli got into position, casually calling out the poses he had in mind. Quinton removed the katana from its sheath and began to pose. Eli moved his frame, getting into various positions to achieve the shots he wanted. He liked that Quinton took direction well and seemed to excel at whatever look he was going for. The pictures were coming out even better than Eli had hoped.

Without instruction, Quinton unbuckled his pants and let them fall, crumpling around his ankles. He let the katana blade rest on his shoulder. Eli eagerly began snapping photos. It was a ‘money shot,’ in his opinion, and he was determined to capture it from all angles.

He couldn’t help, however, noticing the definition in Quinton’s legs. The slightness of a few abs poking out. The bulk of his biceps. The way his boxer briefs seemed to be painted on. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get through a photoshoot without ogling the man before him. Perhaps ogling isn’t the correct word. Appreciating. Yes, he was just appreciating Quinton. As he had for several months on Instagram.

It was a long shot when he DM’ed Quinton after seeing that he was in the area. ‘It’s just a photoshoot,’ he thought to himself as he pressed send on his message. Then he quickly locked his phone and dropped it on his bed. He was nervous. Nervous about not receiving a reply. And even more so about getting one. He wringed his hands, willing himself not to unlock the phone and stare at the DM screen until he saw an answer, or at least that his message had been read. He decided to busy himself with household chores. An hour later, he returned to his phone. He had a notification. He went to the message thread and saw a positive response. His heart leapt. Not because a man whom he had lusted after for months had answered his message. But because he had ‘shot his shot’ professionally and it was successful. Or at least, that’s what he told himself.

“Good move,” Eli said appreciatively. Hopefully not too much so.

“Thanks,” Quinton said through a smile. Instinctively, he turned so that his back was facing Eli.

Eli swallowed the lump that had materialized in his throat. Quinton was filling out his boxer briefs in a way that spoke to Eli in a viscerally. He looked through the lens of the camera, mentally memorizing the sight before him. While it was true that he had seen Quinton in similar positions many times on Instagram, it was different seeing it in person. He felt a heaviness begin to materialize in his pants. He tried to think of something to quell the fire beginning to rage inside. 

His efforts, however, were futile. Quinton had gotten down on his knees with the katana still resting on his shoulder. Eli couldn’t help but trace the curve of Quinton’s body as he posed in a way he knew was showing off one of his assets. Eli fumbled with the camera, nearly dropping it. 

“I-I think I have what I n-need,” Eli stuttered.

“Oh, word?” Quinton was a little surprised. He’d never done a photoshoot that only lasted 45 minutes before. He put the sword down next to him before getting on all fours and arching his back. The stretch felt good. He was also fully aware of how he looked in this position.

Eli felt like this was a subtle hint. He quickly decided to push forward, rationalizing that he’d already ‘shot his shot,’ so he might as well take full advantage.

“Unless…” Eli began.

“Unless?” Quinton quizzed.

“Unless you w-wouldn’t mind, posing nude?”

Quinton stood to his feet. “With the sword though, right?”

“Oh, of course!” Eli said quickly, feeling as though he had misread the situation.

“Gotta be honest, I’ve never posed nude before. Not for real, for real. But, I’m kinda curious to see what it would look like.”

There was a look in Quinton’s eyes that Eli couldn’t quite decipher. “Well, let’s see,” he said.

Quinton nodded. He removed his shoes and pants from around his ankles before picking up the katana again. He felt slightly unsure of himself, not knowing how to pose with a sword while naked.

Eli picked up the slack. “Let go for some action shots,” he offered.

Quinton ran through a number of battle poses, drawing inspiration from movies he had seen and video games he had played in the past. Eli continued taking photos, hoping the growing bulge in his pants wasn’t noticeable. Quinton turned so that his backside could be captured and Eli’s bulge turned into a full erection. But he didn’t stop his work. He was in the zone. They both were.

The hot lights beaming down on him were nothing compared to the heat of Quinton’s loins. Being naked was a huge turn on for him. And when he noticed a little something budding in Eli’s groin area, it excited him even more. He could feel the blood beginning to flow towards his own groin and quickly turned his back to Eli before he saw it through his camera lens.

“Okay, hold the sword in front of you sideways, so the blade comes out to the right,” Eli ordered.

Quinton clumsily tried to position the sword, purposefully doing it incorrectly. “How do you mean?” he asked. “Like this?” He held the sword in one hand, away from his body.

“No, no, like… let me show you.” Eli closed the gap the between the two of them, stopping at Quinton’s side. “Like –“

He stopped after noticing that Quinton was standing at attention. Quinton’s gaze trailed down Eli’s body. He could see movement in the man’s pants.

“Looks like we in the same predicament,” he said huskily. 

“I…uh…y-yea,” Eli stammered. “I guess so.”

A grin pulled at Quinton’s lips. He turned and stood in front of Eli. Slowly, he squatted down until he was eye level with Eli’s belt buckle. He put the katana down next to him before using his hands to free Eli from the confines of his pants and briefs.

It was all Eli could do to continue breathing steadily. Was he actually about to live out a fantasy he had been having for the better part of 3 months? Surely, this only happened in movies.

“This is like a real life Sean Cody scene,” he said.

“Who is Sean Cody?” Quinton asked.

“Never mind,” Eli replied. The two locked eyes. Quinton moved at an agonizingly slow pace. He wanted to make sure Eli was completely ensnared. Unbeknownst to him, Eli wasn’t the only one with an Instagram crush. Quinton had been a fan of the man’s work for a while, but a recent selfie Eli had posted had made Quinton a fan of the man himself.

Eli swallowed again, hard. It was the cue Quinton had been waiting for. Without warning, he stopped his teasing and took Eli fully into his mouth. Eli let out a gasp. Quinton was eager to please, though it had been some time since he had last been in the position he was currently occupying with another man. 

He swirled his tongue around the bulbous head. He played around with the suction until he got another gasp. He licked up and down the shaft. He gave his best effort at deep-throating. He used his hand in conjunction with his mouth. He knew it wouldn’t take too long to push Eli over the edge.

Eli fought hard to maintain some level of control, but he was failing. His excitement and disbelief about what was happening combined with the look in Quinton’s eyes was a difficult mixture to contend with. He let Quinton do all the work. Somehow, he knew that was what the man wanted. He contented himself to let go.

And let go he did. With nothing but a jump from his member, he exploded. But Quinton didn’t stop. He kept going, sucking harder, letting Eli’s seed spill from the sides of his mouth. He couldn’t stop. He was so wrapped up in the situation he didn’t notice that he too had reached climax. The result of which was slowly leaking onto the floor.

Eli’s knees buckled. He had to put a hand on Quinton’s shoulder to stop from falling. This seemed to awaken Quinton from his sexual stupor. The two locked eyes again.

“I’ve never had a photoshoot end like this,” Quinton said with a smirk.

“Me either,” said Eli. “But…who says it has to end right now?”




© 2018 T.J. Clayton