Backstreet, Bye (Bye Bye)


This is just dumb, y'all.
Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean said in an interview that he hopes both of his daughters are lesbians, basically so he doesn't have to deal with boys/men in the future.

Now, he was most likely joking (sure, Jan), but I think his "joke" was a little more loaded than he realized. Because it begs the question, "Why would someone, even in a joking manner, prefer their daughter to be a lesbian rather than to do the work to make men behave better and be more accountable for their actions?" I'm sure we were all thinking it. Furthermore, I'm not sure I like the fact that he used lesbianism as the butt of his joke. 'Haha, I know guys are crap and I love my daughters so much I don't want them to deal with it, so I'm sure I can just chuck them in the lesbian pool and all will be fine.'

Not so funny, AJ.