Say His Name, Nino Fortson

The first known transgender man homicide has occurred. He is the 10th known transgender victim of the year.

Nino Fortson, a 36, was shot to death in Atlanta. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fortson was involved in an argument with two men and two women in the street. Witnesses claim that he fired a shot in the air and walked away, before later hearing more gunshots. The witness account then states that they saw Fortson lying on the ground while one of the people involved in the initial argument limped away. Fortson later died at Grady Memorial Hospital.

As usual, Fortson was misgendered and dead named by the media.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, "Our preliminary investigation did not in any way indicate that this individual identified as transgender. And we have no evidence at all that such an identification played any role in this death. But given the issues that have been raised publicly, we have engaged our LGBT liaisons and asked them to work with our homicide unit to see if there are angles that need to be explored."

Justice for Nino Fortson.