Well, it's too late for a summer body. *insert 'summer gon' get whatever body I give it' meme*

But it's not too early to start working on next year's summer body. It's more than a few months away, so why not get started now? That ThotBod isn't going to materialize out of nowhere.

In the spirit of getting my rear in gear, I recorded a bonus episode of Gayside Stories with special guest Chip Macintosh to have a conversation about weight loss, body goals, and overall health. 
If you are on a health improvement journey, then feel free to check in. Let’s do this thing together. Or, if you just want to snatch my wig and hold me accountable, then you can message me directly on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The Gayside Stories health improvement hashtag is: #GaysideFIT

Use this hashtag to track your journey and to connect with me and others. We got this.

Bonus #GaysideFIT Episode: https://soundcloud.com/gaysidestories/bonus-ep1