Really, Missouri? REALLY?

This country is clearly going to hell.

In the latest entry of 'JUST LET US LIVE, WE AREN'T BOTHERING ANYONE,' Missouri Representative Rick Brattin (R) implied that gay people aren't like regular people (whatever that means). Using religious books, the fool (for lack of a better term) said in so many words that the writings show a clear distinction between homosexuals and regular folk. By that logic, aren't there a number of distinctions between human beings and others? Aren't liars, adulterers, and thieves different from human beings? They're called out in the 'good book' as well. Oh, apologies, I forgot it only applies to gay people. Everything else in the bible gets a pass. Silly me. Mind you, this is the same man that wanted a bill passed that would require women seeking abortions to have a notarized permission slip from the man that impregnated them (unless they were "legitimately raped"). Trash, top to bottom, front to back.

It's sad, and frankly annoying, that we have to continue to battle against homophobia and transphobia masquerading as religious freedom. But to have to do so within government is what is really hard to swallow. So much for separation of church and state, I suppose.