THROW AWAY THE KEY! Texas Men Charged in 'Grindr Hate Crimes'

Texas is at it again. However, that's what they get!

4 men in Texas have been charged with hate crimes after being caught using Grindr to attack and rob people. All under the age of 22 (and dumb as hell), the dude bros would tie up their victims with tape, assault them, make derogatory comments, and steal their goods and cars.

I, for one, am glad they were charged with hate crimes. How could they not be? You're specifically going on Grindr, a globally known app for gay men, to find people to jack. You could use any number of means to find someone to rob (not that you should), but to specifically enter that gay space means you had an agenda. And you deserve to pay for it. I hope Texas doesn't drop the ball (I mean, it's Texas, and I can say that, I'm a Texan), and that they get the maximum penalties. We shall see how this unfolds.