Why I Would Never Date a Trump Supporter (DUH!)

Hey y'all.

If you're like me, then you read the title of this blog post and said something to the effect of "like I need any other reason to NOT date a Trump Supporter." I hear you. I would sooner compete for Olympic Gold in the fiery oceans of hell with a broken clavicle before I subjected myself to dating a Trump Supporter. 

I stumbled across this article posted on Huffington Post, written by a black man in Australia. The first thing I took from this is was a SOLID reminder that white foolishness is global. It wasn't at all surprising to read that a gay black man had been pursued by gay white men and within the first few sentences of their conversation they mention their support for Trump. I'm not even surprised by the person that claims he can't understand why more gay black men don't support Trump.

But that begs many questions. Are some gay white men truly that ignorant when it comes to situations such as these? Do they think black men are so sex-crazed that we don't have critical thinking skills and will overlook their support of a man that hates literally everything about us? Are they simply trolling? No offense to my white readers, but you know that your brethren can be dense at times.

What do you guys think? Is someone being a Trump Supporter a deal breaker for you?

The writer of the article gives an articulate break down of why he wouldn't, and I just agree. Read for yourselves (link below).