Oops! Discrimination Lost πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ


Hey y'all.
So a florist in Washington state who shall remain nameless in THIS post claimed that their Christian faith exempted them from the state's LGBT anti-discrimination law. And the Washington state Supreme Court said, "Not quite, madam."

You can read about the details of the case using the link below. I just had a couple of things I'd like to say on this. Stay with me.

I'm really tired of so-called Christians trying to use 'religious freedom' as a means to be discriminatory. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that was the opposite of being a Christian. None of the Christians I know say doing makeup, etc. for a gay/lesbian wedding impedes on their religious freedom. So I don't understand this. Well, I do. It's bigotry in the name of the Lord. It's disgusting. And foolish. Providing flowers for a gay wedding when you're a florist is not stopping you from practicing Christianity. Stop it. You look and sound dumb, and the court agreed.

I'm also tired of conservatives and not-quite-Christians trying to force religion into law. I know I wasn't the only one paying attention in government class when the lessons were about separation of church and state. Please cut this out. It is mind-boggling how these people want to try to force everyone to live the way they do and believe what they believe. πŸ—£AMERICA WAS FOUNDED SO THAT THOSE SUFFERING FROM RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION COULD PRACTICE THEIR RELIGIONS FREELY. The fore founders that you claim to love so much (but can't be bothered to actually read the things that they wrote) wanted church and state to be separate. But maybe I missed something in all those government classes. πŸ™„

All this aside, it is a bit frightening, given our current political climate. We know that cases like these will be petitioning the Supreme Court. And the court may eventually take one of these cases. And how they rule could be wondrous, or it could be disastrous. But the community will remain strong and continue to fight. I applaud any and everyone that stands up for themselves in these cases to say, "No, this isn't right, and you're not going to treat me differently or refuse me services and goods just because of how and who I love."