Another One of Our Transgender Sisters Is Gone...

Hey y'all.

Sad news. Keke Collier, a transgender woman from Chicago, was found shot to death this week. Police know little about what happened.

This article (linked below) also says that the police AND media misgendered Keke. I would hope that this wasn't done purposely, but I can't see how it couldn't have been. To disrespect a trans person even after they've had their life stolen from them is something that I'll never understand.

People. Transgendered folks just want to live their lives. They're not out here with any type of agendas other than living. And it's sad that so many of them, especially those of color, are robbed of that opportunity. What is it going to take? I don't know. The ignorance of this country doesn't even want to let these people use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender. It feels like we've come far, but have even farther to go.

R.I.P., Keke. Gone too soon at 24 years of age.