6 Ignorant Comments You Shouldn't Say to Gay Men Who Have Lost Weight?

Hey y'all.

About a year ago, Waddie G. took the liberty of writing this post about things gay men say to other gay men after they've lost weight. Now, being in tune with myself, I have no problem admitting that I used to say things like this, although it wasn't solely aimed at gay men. But with life experience comes maturity and wisdom (if you're doing it right). Amen.

I won't run down the whole list (browse through the article, link below), but a few examples are things like "is he sick or on crack" and "he looked better bigger." Are you guilty of making these kinds of comments? Has someone said something like this to you?

The writer went into detail about how these types of shady/ignorant comments can be detrimental to a person in their moment of triumph. Me? I say MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. You don't always need to comment on a person's weight loss (or gain, for that matter), especially when no one asked you. It's alright to refrain from always giving your opinion sometimes. Exercise some discretion. No pun intended.