Gon' and Slay, Tray

Hey y'all!
Want to see an example of someone shining despite someone else trying to shut off all the damn lights? Enter: Trayvon Dickerson. Other than having eyebrows blessed by the makeup gods themselves, this young man also possesses the art of the clapback, and it worked in his favor.

Some imbecile took Trayvon's pics (without his permission) that he submitted under the "BlackGaySlay" hashtag during a time of positivity on twitter and used them for one of those fuckboy 'what would you do if' questions last week. But guess who had the time, the opportunity, and the wig snatching prowess? Young Trayvon. Trayvon said you will NOT use me in your raggedy "gay is wrong, haha" campaign. Well, what he actually said was “they are fragile with their masculinity and they can’t accept the fact men like men, but it’s 2017! Get over it.” Amen.

Trayvon's direct response to the person who made the damaging tweet (I'm not mentioning him, or adding a pic of the tweets, he gets no shine from me, but you can see it using the buzzfeed link below) was epic. The support for him rolled in and promoted him to a new level. As a freelance makeup artist, this will only propel him further as his talent is showcased to an even larger audience. I wouldn't be surprised if some celeb was in the process of trying to figure out how to add Trayvon to their team. I would. 

It's sad that people will STILL try to tear you down, even as you try to lift yourself up, but it is heartwarming and downright enjoyable when those efforts fail and boost you even higher. Bravo Trayvon.

Find him on twitter, @trayoncemua.